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 If you are looking for a particular machine please ask as machines have been coming in -

however, I have been selling them before I can list them on this website.

         If you are looking for a fair deal to BUY an antique slot machine, you have come to the right place.
Most of our time is spent 
RESTORING machines for collectors and clients who have a sentimental attachment to an antique slot machine.


            Do you have an old slot machine you'd like to SELL? If you are serious about selling please e-mail us or call 734.475.9730 with a description of your pre-1950's machine. Since you found our website it means you've done your homework. We are interested in your single slot machine or an entire collection. How can you tell if your machine is pre-1951? Slots made before 1951 did not have lighted or plastic fronts, except for the Jennings Sun Chief models. They were metal and wood, not electronic. Most of the slot machines from the 1890's to 1940's were made by only a few manufacturers: Jennings, Mills, Pace, Watling, Caille and Superior.

                                When you call or e-mail please provide the following information:

  • Manufacturer of your machine?

  • Is it in working condition?

  • What coin does it take? (nickel, dime, etc.)

  • Are there any broken or missing parts?



Restoration is my main business!
Check out a few of examples below:


1933 Superior Confections Gold Award Vendor
Before restoration


Serial # 838. This was a recent restoration for a client. These are not common machines, in fact they seldom ever show up for sale. When received the mint vendor and gold award were disabled and many parts were missing. There was no awards card or awards card frame.


1933 Superior Confections Gold Award Ven

1933 Superior Confections Gold Award Vendor
After restoration


Serial # 838. After fabricating an awards card frame and manipulating the awards card to fit the frame this turned out to be an awesome machine. We had to make parts and linkage that were missing to get the mint vendor and gold award dispenser to operate properly. Everything works just as it should including the alternating twin jackpots.

1936 Watling Gold Award Vender

1936 Watling Rol-A-Top Gold Award Vendor
Before restoration


Serial # 70334. Nice original 5 cent machine. This machine was purchased by a fellow who bought it out of an airplane hanger back in 1962 and was stored as it is pictured until I bought it. There were gold award and vendor parts missing at that time. As you can see it had several coats of paint slapped on.



1936 Watling Gold Award Vender after.jpg

1936 Watling Rol-A-Top Gold Award Vendor
After restoration

*****SOLD 10/2/2020*****


1936 Watling Rol-A-Top Gold Award Vendor
After restoration Serial # 70334. Even nicer after restoration, done in original colors. Back door is a quality replacement, original cash box with lock and key, original vender door locks and key, original tin fortune reel strips. Vendor and gold award parts were acquired and all is working as it should.


Current Inventory

Current Inventory



1929 Mills Lion Head Jackpot

Just in on Consignment

Serial #201152 Original 10 cent machine, 

Nice player, mechanism has been gone through, lubricated and tested. Original tin reel strips, awards card, Mills lock and key, cash box and door 


Additional pictures on request



1928 Caille Bros. Superior Jackpot

Consignment Machine

Serial #35512 Nice 25 cent machine, 

Unrestored, refreshed original made in Detroit, MI.

Original reel stripe, awards card, cash box, decals, finish on wood, back door and a great playing early jackpot machine.


Additional pictures on request


1928 Mills FOK Vendor

Consignment Machine

*****SOLD 12/11/2023*****

Serial #141971 Original 5 cent machine, 

Full restoration, beautiful looking and working machine complete with future pay out, FOK vendor lock and key, original Mills faux wood finish metal back door with replacement lock and key and original cash box. New reel strips and awards card


Additional pictures on request


1938 Mills Black Front

*****SOLD 1/5/2024*****

 Serial #457412 Nice original 25 cent machine. 

Last year for the Castle Front, Baker Novelty did a version of this machine. Interior fully restored.

Original Mills locks and key. Nice original paint and wood finish with original decal.

Additional pictures upon request.

Mills Spearmint.jpeg


1921 Mills Spearmint Operators Bell

Consignment Machine

Serial #48819 Nice original first year for aluminum castings 5 cent machine, original cash box, wood back

door with later Mills Bell lock and keyoriginal finish on castings and wood, original tin reel strip with

replacement  awards card.

Mechanism fully restored, great looking and working early 102 year old machine.


Additional pictures on request


1924 Jennings Automatic Vendor

Consignment machine

Serial #39763 Nice original 5 cent machine with working side vendor and future pay feature. Original

cash box, doors with locks, paint and finish. Everything works as supposed to, this is the way you want to find an original, not restored.


Additional pictures on request

1928 Mills Rockola Jackpot.jpeg


1929 Mills/Rockola Jackpot

Consignment Machine

Mills serial #186771/Rockola JP serial#14049 

Original 5 cent machine, 

All original unrestored, tin reel strips, awards cards, paint, wood finish, cash box, back door, lock and key.

Mechanism serviced, lubricated and tested.


Additional pictures on request



1902-1911 Mills Little Perfection

Recent Aquisition, Not For Sale

Serial #6160 5 cent machine, 

Very nice original 5 reel poker machine. Purchased in early 1920's by the lady in the photograph in which I purchased it from her daughter. Original ornate reel window casting and marquee. New reel strips and awards card, plays great and is not very generous for a winning hand, house machine for sure!


1946 Mills Black Cherry

Consignment Machine

Serial #4485752 Original 5 cent machine, 

original paint on castings, new paint on cabinet and bonnet, original reel strips, awards bib, Mills locks and keys on back door and cash box door.

Additional pictures on request


1937 Mills Horse Head BONUS

Consignment Machine

Serial #443725 Original 5 cent machine, fresh paint, reel strips and awards cardHas minor repair and a chip to edge of upper casting. Mechanism gone through, lubricated and tuned to play and pay. This is one of a few gimmick machines made to benefit the house, very fun to play.

Recommended for advanced collectors.


Additional pictures on request

1955 Mills Bell-O-Matic HiTop

 Consignment machine

 Entry level 50 cent machine. Jackpot is display only, blue powder coat, replacement base, new awards plate and reel strips. Mechanism has been gone through and lubricated.

 Mills lock and key, club handle for smooth easy play.

Additional pictures upon request.

Diamond Front.jpeg

1941 Mills Diamond Front

Consignment machine

*****SOLD 12/5/2023*****

Nice original 5 cent machine fully restored. Black wrinkle powder coat finish, nice original maple cabinet

and awards bib, replacement reel strips.

Additional pictures upon request.


1927 Mills Owl Operators Bell

Serial #119976 Very nice all original 5 cent machine including both original Yale Mills locks and keys, back door, cash box, tin reel strips and awards card. Plays and pays as should. Also original Mills shipping crate with two Mills shipping labels. Crate sold separately.

Additional pictures upon request.


1938 Mills Brown Front

 Consignment machine

*****SOLD 7/29/23*****

 Serial #446559 Also known as the Bursting Cherry Nice original 25 cent machine. 

 Interior mechanicals fully restored.

 Mills locks and keys for back door and cash box door. Nice original refreshed paint except cherry cluster is new paint, original refreshed wood finish with original decal. Notice payout is 3/10 pay. Bicycle sprocket reel stops introduced in 1938.

***** SOLD Machines *****


1932 Mills/Rockola War Eagle

*****SOLD 10/11/2023*****

Serial #335419 Nice 5 cent machine with older restoration by Chicago Slot Machine Co. This is not your common War Eagle and is NOT a reproduction.

Out of fashion FOK vendor machines were sent to Rockola Mfg. to be revamped. Working machine with aftermarket cash box, original Mills door, lock and key. Has operators mark burned into both sides


Additional pictures on request


1949 Mills 777 HiTop

*****SOLD 6-27-23*****

Nice original 5 cent machine. this machine sports its original green and gold hammer tone paint, oak cabinet with serial #595261. Complete with working jackpot and 777 token dispenser, cash box and Mills lock and key


1935 Watling Rol-A-Top

*****SOLD 11/28/2022*****

 Serial #ROL67107 Nice original 10 cent machine. 

Original non restored machine. Mechanism has been serviced and lubricated and is in proper working order. Original Watling back door lock with replacement keys, original cash box and tin reel strips in fair condition.


1938 Watling Rol-A-Top

​Just in on consignment

*****SOLD 7/12/2022*****

 Serial #93859 Nice original 5 cent machine. 

Castings have been stripped, polished and painted to factory color scheme. Wood cabinet has been refinished and painted, mechanism serviced and in proper working order. Replacement back door lock

and key, original cash box with lock and replacement key.

1949 Jennings Sun Chief y.jpg

1949 Jennings Sun Chief

*****SOLD 4/29/2021*****

Serial # 185765 on case and tag, # 178888 on mechanism. Very nice 25 cent machine that was ordered from the factory with no lights and amber plastics as indicated by the original inspection tag. Special TIC TAC TOE feature. Original chrome and wood finish with decals, original back door with instruction sheet and cash box. This machine is working and non-restored

1938 Jennings Club Special


*****SOLD 4/14/23*****

Serial #146993 Very nice 5 cent original survivor from the Consumers Power Club in Jackson, MI. Mechanism restored, cabinet refreshed, castings painted.


1937 Watling Rol-A-Top

*****SOLD 5/20/2022*****

​Just in on consignment

Serial # 85641 Nice original 25 cent machine.

Original Watling YALE lock with replacement key, original cash box w/key, original tin strips. bonnet has been painted black, minor paint touch up.

great working machine!

1936 Jennings 4 star Chief.jpg

1936 Jennings 4 Star Chief

 *****SOLD 1-28-21*****

Serial # 142566. This is one of my personal favorite machines. 25 cent play and just a stunning restoration. The upper door is original with original instruction paper and original lock with replacement key, lower door is a quality recast with original ODJ YALE lock and key and original cash box. You'll need to pry this one out of my hands but it is available

1 cnt watling ball gum vender

1931 Watling Ball Gum Jackpot

*****SOLD 3/26/2021*****

Serial # 55555  Nice restored penny machine, original cash box, back door with replacement lock and key, new strips, awards cards and paint. Great machine!​

1936 Watling Gold Award Vender after.jpg

1936 Gold Award Vendor Front


          *****SOLD 10/2/2020*****

Serial # 70334. Even nicer after restoration, done in original colors. Back door is a quality replacement, original cash box with lock and key, original vender door locks and key, original tin fortune reel strips. Vendor and gold award parts were acquired and all is working as it should.


1927 Watling Blue Seal

Confections Vendor

*****SOLD 5/26/2021*****

 Serial #33112 Here is a scarce machine especially in this great original condition. This machine has original tin reel strips, original paint, Watling back door and lock, original cash box and future pay feature and the mint vendor is complete and working. The mechanism has been serviced, cleaned and lubed. Plus it is a 25 cent machine to boot. Most of these old vendor front models were converted to jackpot machines once the various manufacturers came out with jackpot fronts so this is a true survivor.​


1938 Jennings Club Special

*****SOLD 6-16-21*****
Serial #139796. Original 5 cent machine in working non restored condition. All matching numbers, original ODJ YALE lock with 2 matching keys, cash box, original paint, finish, awards card and reel strips. Plays and pays great. This is a variation of the Jennings Silver Chief made in much less numbers.


1928 Mills EP Operators Bell 

*****SOLD 4/7/2021******

Serial #258782 English Penny machine with older restoration. Plays and pays, original reel strips and awards card.


1926 Mills Owl Operators Bell

*****SOLD 6-16-21*****

Serial #61509 Nice original 25 cent machine in working non restored condition. Original finish on castings and cabinet. Tin reel strips, cash box, faux wood finished door, awards card, replacement lock and key.


1957 Golden Nugget

*****SOLD 12/12/20*****

Serial # N302 Nice original 5 cent machine in original non-restored working condition. Castings with original gold glitter paint, casino formica wood grain sides, original Mills door with Mills lock and key, original reel strips and award card. this machine came from the son of a lady who won this machine in a gaming tournament at the Golden Nugget Casino in 1978



1930 Mills Poinsettia

*****SOLD 12/19/20*****

Serial # 212315  5 cent machine with older restoration. Not so common in the Poinsettia line is the dual money bowel, one for jackpot and one for smaller payouts. Replacement back door, reel strips, awards card and cash box.



I get asked all the time if I watch American Pickers, Pawn Stars, American Restorations and the rest of the "reality shows" and of course I do; I actually participated in a local show, Hardcore Pawn, and when doing so I really found out how these shows are "made for TV" and they do make great television and these guys are all now super stars but honestly what I do here at my little shop out in the country is the real deal. I don't have a whole crew of people working here, I am just a hard working guy who loves what I do.
Along with buying and selling machines I offer restoration and repair.
If you have a vintage mechanical machine that is not working I can repair it for you.
If you have a vintage machine that is tired but looks good I can restore it mechanically.
If you have a machine that works good but is simply faded and ugly I can do a cosmetic restoration including wood, polish and paint.
If you have a basket case I can take care of that as well.

Below are a few more examples of my work.

This 1939 Mills Diamond Front was the only thing salvaged from a whole house fire.


This is the before and after of a 1932 Roman Head. 


I restored this nickel, dime, quarter and half dollar set

of Black Cherry machines for one of my clients.


Bill was featured in television's DESTINATION MICHIGAN with Bob Garner on WCMU Public Television with his antique slot machines in 2011. Later the TV crew came back to film a segment on the Waterloo Croquet Club, which aired in June 2012. Bill also appeared with his slot machines on a "Hardcore Pawn" TV episode in 2010. "Around Town with Linda", produced by Chris and Linda Meloche of Chelsea, did a show on Bill and his work as well. Archived DVDs may be borrowed from Chelsea's McKune Library.


Custom stained glass


 Stained Glass  


CUSTOM stained glass of your best friend (or anything you wish) available now!

Wrigley was my best friend; he came to work with me every day from 2003-2018.

This is a hand painted, kiln fired face of Wrigley built into a 10" x 10" panel.

Below are our new pups, Wynnie and Cubby.

If you'd like to have your pet painted for posterity please email or call 734-475-9730 for details.

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