State Slot Machine Ownership Laws 

AlabamaPROHIBITEDCode of Ala 13A.12-27

AlaskaAll LegalN/A

ArizonaAll LegalARS 13-3309

ArkansasAll LegalN/A

California25 years or olderCalifornia Penal Code 330.7

ColoradoPre-1984CRS 12-47.1-103

ConnecticutPROHIBITEDConn. Gen. Stat. 53-278a

Delaware25 years or older28 Del 904

Florida20 years or olderFla. Stat. 849.235

GeorgiaPre-1950O.C.G.A. 16-12-24


IdahoPre-1950Idaho Code 18-3810

Illinois25 years or older720 ILCS 5/28-1

Indiana40 years or olderInd. Code 35-45-5-4

Iowa25 years or olderIowa Code 725.9

KansasPre-1950KSA 21-4306

KentuckyAll LegalKRS 528.080

Louisiana25 years or olderLa.R.S. 15:31.1

MaineAll LegalN/A

Maryland25 years or olderMd. Ann. Code Art. 27 264B

Massachusetts30 years or older"Mass. Ann. Laws Ch 271, 5A"

Michigan25 years or olderMCL 750.303

MinnesotaAll LegalN/A

Mississippi25 years or olderMiss. Code Ann. 27-27-12

Missouri30 years or older572.125 R.S. Mo.

Montana25 years or olderMont. Code Ann. 23-5-153

NebraskaPROHIBITEDR.R.S. Neb. 28-1107

NevadaAll LegalN/A

New Hampshire25 years or olderR.S.A. 647:2

New JerseyPre-1941N.J. Stat. 2C:37-7

New MexicoPROHIBITEDPer attorney General 8/1/2000

New York30 years or olderN.Y. CLS Penal 225.32

North Carolina25 years or olderN.C. Gen. Stat. 14-309.1

North Dakota25 years or olderN.D. Cent. Code 12.1-28-02

OhioAll LegalN/A

Oklahoma25 years or older21 Okl. St. 964

Oregon25 years or olderORS 167.147

PennsylvaniaPre-194118 Pa.C.S. 5513

Rhode IslandAll LegalN/A

South CarolinaPROHIBITEDS.C. Code Ann 12-21-2710

South Dakota25 years or olderS.D. Codified Laws 22-25-14.1

TennesseePROHIBITEDTenn. Code Ann. 39-17-505

TexasAll LegalN/A

UtahAll LegalN/A

VermontPre-195413 V.S.A. 2135

VirginiaAll LegalN/A

Washington25 years or olderRev. Code Wash. 9.46.235

Washington DCPre-1952-

West VirginiaAll LegalN/A


Wyoming25 years or olderWyo. Stat. 6-7-101

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